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Sharing the Science of Boomerangs - Boomarology

Have you ever looked at a boomerang or watched it fly, and taken a moment to wonder why? How can I make a boomerang fly better? What happens if I change its shape?  Why does a different throw make a different flight?

If the answer is "Yes," then you share the same fascination that has gripped a range of curious people across millenia of time and the continents of the World from a young child who thinks it is magic to serious scientists.  Read on dear web surfer. You may want to start with the basics after you have had a quick look around the site. I warn you - its a big topic

This site is dedicated to solving the mysteries of the ancient object that is thought of as a childish toy, but it embodies complex mecahnics and aerodynamics. It is not fully understood.  I hope posting this site will let people share their knowledge and understanding.  



Just because.  There is no large financial gain, no military use, or kudos to be had from it. That is why it is the domain of the enthusiastic amateur.


Who am I? Who are we?


This site is funded by The British Boomerang Society and maintained by Martin Laslett in the United Kingdom, Europe with help from other boomarologists


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Boomerang design has come a long way.  This is a 3d model for creating high performance boomerangs, created by Manuel Shutz

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