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Boomlab is a computer simulation to invesigate how the construction and thow of a boomerang alter its flight path. I started it as my masters thesis, but have continued on it since.  It needs the MATLAB engine to work. It needs corrections, but it is a start, I hope others will take it further



Here is a PDF all about it if you want to read more or see the video below.

Boomlab PDF Download boomlab3 boomlab4 boomlab2 boomlab1

You can edit boomerang shapes and profiles, and add dihedral to the arms

The flight is plotted in 3D on a boomfield. It is  worked out from Hess's equations

boomlab6 boomlab5

You can download the MATLAB code here. >>>




Unzip and copy the files to a directory inside MATLAB \bin


In MATLAB change to this directory

Run the first script which is draw_boom2.m


Open a boomerang file and use the ready made 'classic' boomerang

Click Use it

Open a a saved throw called 'classic'


Let me know how you get on :-)


The throw can be edited to account for angles, wind speed, spin rate and throw speed.

boomlab code for matlab download

There are lots of plots of spin rate, speed, forces, angles, torques etc, etc..


The Boomerang editor is quite complex. You can change the plan shape, the angles of twist and dihedral and the aerodynamic lift and drag values aswell as mass.

mta hotspot mta flight

MTA flights simulated with the original BOOMLAB.v1 code to find the 'sweet spot' for MTA launch. These found that throws in the sweet spot have a perfectly smooth layover