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The book of his thesis "BOOMERANGS, AERODYNAMICS AND MOTION" is 400 pages of maths with flight simulations and stereo / 3d photography.


It is very hard to understand. I have tried to read it and I  don't know of anyone who has understood it fully. Please let me know if you do!  There are links at the bottom of this page

hess felix1

Felix Hess has done one of the most in depth sutudies of boomerang science.  His 1970's PhD thesis is the most comprehensive work on it to date. He spent seven and a half years researching the flight of boomerangs full time before leaving the field completely, and now does not want to be contacted about boomerangs or his work in that area.

hessflight2 Hess Thesis part 1 Hess Thesis part 2 Hess Thesis Part 3 hess book

Here you can download the PDF scans if you want, but,  I warn you, Aerodynamics and Motion gets tough after about 150 pages as you start section II.  


My thanks to the people who scanned these and up loaded thjem - if that was you let me know and I'll credit you.


Felix Hess

Article in SciAm 1969