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The Aerodynamics of Boomerangs by Felix Hess Scientific American 1969


There is a whole page on Hess and his fuller publications


Optimisation du vol du boomerang Projet développé par Thomas PEYRUCAIN & Mathieu DECOSTER


This project uses an acceleromter on board a boomerang to track its path.  You can see his presnetation here:

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Explaining the layover phenomenon with blade element theory by Manuel Schütz

December 29, 2016.

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Boomerang Flight Mechanics: Unsteady Effects on Motion Characteristics by  Manulla Battipede 1999

Boomerang_Flight_Mechanics_Manuela_Battipede battipede battipede2 Battipede - Boomerang Flight Mechanics overview battipede2 Ernie Esser and UC Irvine theory irvine irvine3 irvine4

What Makes Boomerangs Come Back?


Mathematical derivation of range and lift coefficients bt Ernie Esser and U C Irvine.


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