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Computer Simulations


Simulating the flight of a boomerang with a computer is a challenge for boomerologists.  


Aspiring boomerologists William and Jack check out their dad's BOOMLAB simulator instead of going to bed.  Jack is now a senior assistant boomerologist.

BOOMLAB - this is my effort details are here ...  It aims to let you create different boomerang shapes in a boomerang editor and see how they fly



Georg Hennig of Bavaria took Hess's program and Gerhard Bertling's algorithm and put a nice interface to it.  


Check out his page.

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Boomsim was originally written by Gerhard Bertling of Germany and added to by John Mauro  and Jim Martellotti. It is a BASIC program compiled for a Classic Macintosh Computer.  Other work is also contributed my Martin Claussen.

ulf boomlab3 Download WXBums Simulator ZIp

You can use the link to download a zip file of Georg's work. Extract all the files and run wxBumms.exe (after a accepting security warnings).  The Sim interface is  German, but you can select English in Fenster-->Sprache wählen-->English.

Also there is a PDF is in the folder “Facharbeit.pdf"


Cheers and nice work Georg

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Etude du vol d'un boomerang et des paramètres caractérisant sa trajectoire  

- Projet Scientifique Collectif  (2006)

JUILLET Fabien, LEJOSNE Solène, MOREL François-Xavier, MOUSSA Yana, PRACHAY Julien, ROGER Pierre-Emmanuel


This looks like a superb simulation.  The document is in French and I am unable to translate it easily. Have a look for your self. Any help with a translation would be much appreciated


Boomimage boompaths2 boompaths boomwake Projet_scientifique_X_2008

Un known Title - Projet Scientifique Collectif

This was also sent to me by Jean-Michel Guimbard, but I don't know much about it.  Any help aprrecited

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